SAGIT is funded by a 30 cents per tonne voluntary contribution on all grain delivered by SA grain growers. So where do your funds go?

Breakdown of SAGIT project funding for financial year 2017/18

  • New varieties
  • Education and Scholarships
  • Agronomy
  • Nutrition
  • Break crops
  • New technology
  • Diseases
  • Publications
  • Pests
  • Weeds

SAGIT provides local solutions to local problems, investing more than $2 million each year in supporting SA centric grains research.

As an independent organisation SAGIT research is not commercially influenced and is accountable to growers, so you can be confident in the outcomes. SAGIT has the capacity to leverage and collaborate with other organisations such as the GRDC, but is nimble enough to respond quickly as issues develop.

Bent Leg

Case study:  Bent leg a potential alternative

SAGIT is focused on driving practice change at a state and local level to help growers increase profitability.

This SAGIT-funded research project at the University of South Australia is investigating bent leg openers to reduce soil throw and maximise furrow backfill, including field trial work and computer data modelling. The project aims to provide growers with a seeding system that can operate at higher speeds than a standard knife point while maintaining low soil throw and constant amount of soil flowing back into the furrow.