SAGIT has longevity

The South Australian Grain Industry Trust Fund (SAGIT) celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016. The trust was established in 1991 to administer the voluntary research levy contributed by SA grain growers.

YOUR support keeps SAGIT going

SAGIT is funded by a 30 cents per tonne voluntary contribution on all grain delivered by SA grain growers. Without your support, there would be no SAGIT.

SAGIT tackles local grain issues

SAGIT invests more than $2 million a year in supporting research crucial to advancing the SA grain industry.

SAGIT invests in a range of areas

Research and development is supported in a range of areas of grain growing, farming systems, soil management, harvesting, storage, processing and marketing and for dissemination of technical information to growers.

SAGIT is directed by growers

SAGIT has a board of four grower trustees and a trustee appointed by the Minister for Agriculture. The organisation calls for research applications annually and the trustees decide how to spend levy money, taking into consideration issues affecting SA grain production and innovative ideas to progress the industry. Trustees receive specialist agronomic and scientific advice to ensure their decisions are well-informed and credible.

SAGIT is accountable to growers

An annual report of how levy funds are spent is available to growers and provided to Grain Producers SA and the South Australian Minister for Agriculture to ensure correct management of growers’ money.

SAGIT is unique. No other state has a research fund supported by growers for state-based, grains industry research. We are the envy of other states!

150716-BP-Sean Mason's trial site at Pinery examining phosphorus use efficiency of different wheat and barley varieties

South Australian grain growers are proactive when it comes to supporting research and development to boost the industry’s productivity.

Growers first made voluntary contributions in 1983 for grain research at the rate of 12 cents per tonne under the former Grains Research Trust Funds Act.

When the Grains Research and Development Corporation was established in 1990, the Federal Government agreed to return the money collected from SA growers to them – a total of $4.066 million – provided it was spent on wheat and barley research.

A proposal was developed by the former United Farmers and Stock Owners to establish a trust to manage the returned funds. The new trust became responsible for the SA Grain Industry Trust Fund and collection of the levy continued.

SAGIT is proud of the contribution growers have made to South Australian research, development and extension.

Grain growers’ 30c/t levy is collected under the South Australian Government Primary Industry Funding Scheme. For more information on the collection of the levy, view the legislation.