The three-year project, involving field trials with growers in the Mid North, looked at pre-emergent herbicide applications in a range of stubble heights and loads, manipulating spray set up (e.g. application volume, droplet size and position of the nozzle above the stubble row) and on-farm case studies.


Stubble loads have increased in recent years with increases in stubble retention and crop yields. This can have an effect on the efficacy of certain pre-emergent herbicides.


July 2014


June 2017

Project participants

Hart Field Site: Sarah Noack.
Bill Gordon Consulting: Bill Gordon.

The problem

Stubble retention can reduce the efficacy of certain pre-emergent herbicides.

The research

Trials studied different herbicides and rates with varied spray application strategies.

More information

Sarah Noack
Hart Field Site
0420 218 420
[email protected]

Research aims

This project aims to improve pre-emergent herbicide efficacy depending on the height and volume of stubble.

In the field

Trials will cover efficacy of pre-emergent herbicides (chemistry and rate), manipulating spray application (water rate, droplet size, time of application, adjuvants and travel speed), and spray nozzles (angle, position, orientation and spray patterns).

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