There was no increase in fungicide performance by ultra-high-pressure injection compared to traditional seed dressing application.

Research aims

The core objective of the project were to determine:

  • Investigate rhizoctonia control achieved when fungicide was injected into the soil at ultra-highpressure compared to traditional fungicide application via seed treatment.

July 1, 2012


June 30, 2013

Project participants

SA No-Till Farmers Association: Greg Butler.

The problem

Growers wanted data on whether there are any differences in fungicide efficacy due to application.

The research

Ultra-high pressure (UHP) injection of fungicide was used to improve fungicide efficacy on rhizoctonia in wheat.

More information

Greg Butler
South Australian No-Till Farmers Association
08 8842 4278
[email protected]

In the field

The concept was designed in conjunction with SARDI with its researchers reporting increased efficacy on rhizoctonia with fungicide placement below the seed bed in previous years.

The trial was sown by Andrew Bird, SANTFA, and Greg Butler, SANTFA, using a Serafin Ulti-sow single disc seeder and a FLOW 55psi UHP Pump and injection nozzle.


UHP injection of fungicide for rhizoctonia control in wheat did not reduce lesions on seminal or on crown roots compared with a seed dressing treatment of fungicide. UHP injection did not improve wheat yields and there was a marginal but insignificant reduction in wheat yield observed from the UHP application method compared to the fungicide seed treatment.