Max Young Web 2018

Max Young

SAGIT Chairman

Max Young farms west of Ardrossan, on shallow calcareous limestone soils. Mr Young has been farming since completing a Diploma of Agriculture from Roseworthy in the early 1980s. He has been no-till farming since 1997, growing predominantly wheat, lentils and barley along with some chickpeas and canola. He has always had an interest in agricultural research and was interested in being a part of SAGIT to help ensure farmers’ levy money was directed towards research designed to make South Australian farmers more profitable.

Bryan Smith Web 2018

Bryan Smith

SAGIT Trustee (Group A)

Bryan Smith has farmed in two diverse locations in 40 years which has fostered his passion for agriculture. He farmed for 25 years at Laura in the Mid North of SA and now farms at Nundroo on the far West Coast. Mr Smith’s current cropping program is 4000 hectares of wheat, barley and canola. He also runs 1500 Dorper ewes. Mr Smith’s interest in research and development grew following his adoption of direct drilling technology in the mid-1980s while at Laura, being regularly involved with on-farm trial work and field days.

Ted Langley Web 2018

Ted Langley

SAGIT Trustee (Group A)

Ted Langley has more than 28 years experience farming on a mixed property at Bordertown in the state’s South East. With wife Cathy and brother Bill, he works on a range of soil types producing wheat, faba beans, canola, barley, hay, prime lamb and wool. Mr Langley has been involved with the South Australian No-Till Farmers Association as a board member and treasurer and has also been a board member of the MacKillop Farm Management Group and the president of the Wolseley Ag Bureau. Mr Langley has also served as a councillor for the Tatiara District Council and the council’s development assessment panel. His farming operations have been zero-till for eight years and he is a strong advocate of soil health.

Andrew Barr (3) web

Professor Andrew Barr

SAGIT Trustee (Group B)

Former plant breeder and researcher and now grower Professor Andy Barr has been appointed as a Group B Trustee by the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development. Professor Barr hails from a farm at Pinery and has spent 30 years of his career working in plant breeding. He has been instrumental in developing over 20 varieties of oats and barley and has held positions as a grower director of ABB Grain Ltd and on the GRDC Board and Southern Panel. In 2003, he returned to the Pinery property to manage the family farm.

Dr John Harvey, newly appointed SAGIT trustee.

Dr John Harvey

SAGIT Trustee (Group A)

John brings substantial experience in agricultural research and business leadership to SAGIT. Formerly a genetics researcher, he has served as head of the Grape and Wine Rural Research Development Council as well as being Deputy Chair of Rural Business Support and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He has a Master of Business Administration, a BSc (Hons) and PhD from the University of Adelaide and holds several other Chair and Non-Executive Board positions within the private and profit-for-purpose sectors.