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Applications for the 2022 round of funding are closed

Applicants for SAGIT funding must read the funding guidelines before preparing their application.

SAGIT has always had a transparent and objective process of calling for projects and selection. The trustees appreciate it is grower money they are handling and therefore treat the selection process with the openness and transparency it deserves.

The trust is required to use the funds for research, development and extension into the growing, harvesting, storage, processing and marketing of grain in SA in order to increase profitability and sustainability of the grains industry. Preference is given to projects which provide benefit to South Australian growers, but is not limited to the state.

SAGIT also looks for projects that will provide more immediate outcomes for growers through development and adaptation of research. Project applications are assessed according to the following criteria:

Funding Guidelines

Significance to the grain industry

Issues that are relevant to SA growers, marketers and processors and will provide environmental, social and overall benefits to the state gain precedence.

Value for money

SAGIT considers previous and current spending in the area, other work underway and the likely technical and economic benefits. Consideration is given to the total funds requested and the cost:benefit analysis of research outcomes.

Validation and adoption

Will the data produced be in a form suitable for farmers? SAGIT also considers if and how broadly the research outcomes will be adopted.

Path to market

SAGIT considers the market and how results will be delivered, including possible extension and how the project might encourage practice change.

Scientific merit

Consideration is given to the scientific merit of the project.

Probability of success

Consideration is given to the performance history of the researcher or organisation, any barriers to success as well as the probability of achieving project goals.


SAGIT considers the new, novel or creative aspect of a project and whether it will add value to existing projects and knowledge or potentially lead to further innovation.

Other benefits

Other considerations include any potential royalty or intellectual property revenue, partnerships and leverage of funds and projects that will provide training opportunities with longer term benefits.

SAGIT has an open call for projects to benefit SA grain growers and the wider SA Grains Industry. SAGIT encourages innovative ideas from the research community, grower groups and grains industry participants.

As a guide, SAGIT in association with GPSA and PIRSA has identified the following issues as being of particular significance.


  1.  Develop premium markets in novel wheat quality types.  Projects must clearly identify how value will be captured for SA growers
  2.  Develop ingredients and a supply chain for a commercial aquaculture feed industry in SA
  3.  Projects to support the development of a pulse protein fractionation industry
  4.  Increase the number of secondary students receiving high quality agricultural science and provide incentives to elite students at undergraduate to pursue a career in agricultural RD&E
  5.  Develop genetic and agronomic packages that maximise the yield of feed grains
  6.  Identify and manage factors which would facilitate the sustainable intensification of pulses in SA cropping rotations

Funding guidelines

Grower group Funding guidelines

Example funding agreement

Application forms

Funding applications for research projects have now closed.

Applicants must prepare their application on the SAGIT form which corresponds to the funding type being sought.

Please download the relevant Word document and complete your application offline.

When you return to the SAGIT site, please upload your completed Word document and submit the online application form.

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Key Dates



Call for applications announced.



Applications due.




Progress reports (continuing projects) due.



Applications assessed by SAGIT. Applicants notified of results of application by the end of March.



First payment*. Successful applicants must submit invoice 14 days prior to payment date.

27 AUG


Final reports and financial statements (Form A) due.



Trustee visits to projects. Final reports reviewed.

1 Jan


Second payment. Successful applicants must submit invoice 14 days prior to payment date.


*Contract and payment can be earlier than 1 July. Please contact SAGIT management if this is required.


Progress Statements

SAGIT requires successful funding applicants to provide reports on their research to inform growers how their levy money is being spent.

Progress Reports are due on 4 March 2022, including for projects that finish on June 30 of the same year.


Final Reports

Final reports and financial statements (Form A) are due in August for projects finishing on or before June 30.



Financial forms (Form A and B)

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