Project Map

Please note, markers are provided as an indication only as some projects may have various trial sites across SA.

Current Project List

Annual ConferenceAg Excellence AllianceJul-2019Jun-2020Mark Stanley
2018 AgExcellence Awards & ForumAg Excellence AllianceApr-2018Apr-2018Kerry StockmanMore information
Hi-tech crop monitoring stations (A116)AgByteMar-2016Feb-2018Leighton WilkschMore information
Seed to Store You Tube Clip Competition (AC217)AgCommunicatorsJan-2017Dec-2020Belinda CayMore information
More than Gumboots and TractorsAgCommunicatorsJan-2017Dec-2018Deanna LushMore information
Plot Sprayer for research on Kangaroo IslandAgriculture Kangaroo IslandJul-2018Jun-2019Jenny Stanton
Improving nitrogen use efficiency via legumes in high rainfall cropping (AKI116)Agriculture Kangaroo IslandMar-2016Feb-2019Jenny StantonMore information
Optimising P Nutrition in Pulses to Maximise N fixation and YieldAgronomy SolutionsJul-2019Jun-2022Sean Mason
Efficiency of fertilizer N products on Calcareous and sandy soil types (AS317)Agronomy SolutionsJul-2017Jun-2019Sean MasonMore information
Time of sowing influence on phosphorus requirements and soil testing (AS216)Agronomy SolutionsJul-2016Jun-2019Sean MasonMore information
Economics of high phosphorus rate on pulsesAgronomy SolutionsJul-2018Jun-2019Sean Mason
Promoting secondary and tertiary student engagement in crop productionAgXtraJul-2019Jun-2022Richard Porter
10th Australiasian Soilborne Disease SymposiumAustraliasian Plant Pathology AssocSept-2018Sep-2018Gupta Vadakattu
Soil water and temperature thresholds for early wheat establishmentCSIROJul-2019Jun-2021Bonnie Flohr
Rhizosphere 5 Inetrnational conf CanadaCSIROJul-2019Jun-2020Gupta Vadakattu
Improved capture of native soil N & urea fertiliser in wheatCSIRO Agriculture & FoodJul-2018Jun-2020Gupta Vadakatta
SA HRZ Canola VRN Prescription ProjectElders Rural ServicesApr-2018Jun-2019Adam Hancock
Adjuvants Information workshopsEP Agricultural Research FoundationJul-2017Jun-2020Simon Guerin
Eyre Peninsula Farming System Summary 2016-2018 (EP116)Eyre Peninsula Agricultural Research Foundation (EPARF)Jul-2016Jun-2019Naomi Scholz
Using soil water information to make better decisions on Eyre Peninsula (EP216)Eyre Peninsula Agricultural Research Foundation (EPARF)Jul-2016Jun-2019Andrew Ware, SARDIMore information
Farming Systems Alternatives workshop – 2017 Member Day (EPARF117G)Eyre Peninsula Agricultural Research Foundation (EPARF)Jul-2017Aug-2017Simon GuerinMore information
Rapid Development of innovative lentils for low rainfall regionsGlobal Grain GeneticsMay-2018Jun-2021Larn McMurray
Long-term cropping systems trialHart Field-Site GroupJul-2019Jun-2022Sarah Noack
Long-term cropping systems trial: Effect on soil biology and nitrogen mineralisation (H116)Hart Field-Site GroupJul-2016Jun-2019Sarah Noack
Improving pre-emergent herbicide efficacy in stubble retention systems (H114)Hart Field-Site GroupJul-2014Jun-2017Sarah NoackMore information
Regional internship in applied grains research (H117)Hart Field-Site GroupMar-2018Feb-2021Sarah Noack
Regional internship in applied grains research (HART115)Hart Field-Site GroupMar-2016Feb-2018Sarah Noack
Spading header rows for grass control, improved yields & soil protection (IEA117)Insight Extension for AgricultureApr-2017Mar-2020Chris McDonoughMore information
Development of dual purpose awnless wheat varieties for frost management (LPB117)LongReach Plant BreedersJun-2016Jun-2020Bertus JacobsMore information
Copper management for the future (LDA217)Lower Eyre Agricultural Development Association (LEADA)Jul-2017Jun-2020George Pedler
MacKillop Farm Management Group Annual Trial Results Book 2019MacKillop Farm Management GroupJul-2019Jun-2020Meg Bell
MacKillop Farm Management Group Annual Trial Results Book (MFM117)Mackillop Farm Management GroupJul-2017Jun-2018Felicity Turner
Deep ripping to enhance production on Mallee sandy soilsMallee Sustainable FarmingJul-2019Jun-2022Tanja Morgan
Identifying nutrient requirements of lentils & chickpeas grown in Mallee sandsMallee Sustainable FarmingJul-2018Jun-2019Michael Moodie
Adopting profitable crop sequences in the SA Mallee (MSF115)Mallee Sustainable FarmingApr-2015Jun-2018Michael MoodieMore information
Investigating frost susceptibility in Clearfield varieties teated with imidazolinone herbicideMallee Sustainable FarmingApr-2018Apr-2021Tanja Morgan
On Farm optimization of oat grain production & marketingMcKillop Farm Management Group IncSept-2018Sep-2018Danielle EnglandMore information
McKillop Farm Management Group Annual Trial Results Book 2018McKillop Farm Management Group IncJul-2018Jun-2019Danielle England
Improved soil water decisions across the S.E. cropping regionMcKillop Farm Management Group IncMay-2018Dec-2019Danielle England
Profitable Pulses for the Murray PlainsMoodie AgronomyJul-2018Jun-2021Michael Moodie
Uniform seed distribution along the row to increase yields and reduce seed costs (NSS117)Northern Sustainable SoilsApr-2018Mar-2021Stefan Schmitt
Silverleaf nightshade – long-term management effects of annual herbicide applications (PIR116)Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA)Jul-2016Jun-2019John HeapMore information
Publication of the 2020 Farm Gross Margin Guide for SARural SolutionsJul-2019Jun-2020Michael Wurst
Publication of the 2019 Farm Gross Margin Guide for SARural SolutionsJul-2018Jun-2019Kathleen Giles
Publication of the 2018 Farm Gross Margin Guide for SA (RS117)Rural Solutions SAJul-2017Jun-2018Brett BartelMore information
SANTFA Conference 2018 (SAN317)SA No Till Farming Association (SANTFA)Jul-2017Jun-2018Greg ButlerMore information
Swathing for barley grass weed seed collection and applying drone technology (S117)SA Research & Development Institute (SARDI)Jul-2017Jun-2020Amanda CookMore information
Developing new capability for research on rhizoctonia (S217)SA Research & Development Institute (SARDI)Jul-2017Jun-2020Alan McKay
SA Crop Variety Sowing Guide (S317)SA Research & Development Institute (SARDI)Jul-2017Jun-2020Andrew Ware
Towards molecular selection for heat stress tolerance in field pea (S1317)SA Research & Development Institute (SARDI)Jul-2017Jun-2019Phil Davies
Improving monitoring and management of Etiella in lentils (S417)SA Research & Development Institute (SARDI)Jul-2017Jun-2019Greg BakerMore information
Optimising legume inoculation for dry sowing (S716)SA Research & Development Institute (SARDI)Jul-2016Jun-2019Liz FarquharsonMore information
CARASA: Cereal Aphid Risk Assessment for South Australia (S1117)SA Research & Development Institute (SARDI)Apr-2017Jun-2019Maarten Van HeldenMore information
Enhancing diagnostics and extension for Khapra Beetle to secure trade (S1217)SA Research & Development Institute (SARDI)Jul-2017Jun-2018Nancy CunninghamMore information
Common vetch as a break crop for marginal cropping systems (S1417)SA Research & Development Institute (SARDI)Jul-2017Jun-2018Stuart NagelMore information
Further development of crown rot resistance in durums (S517)SA Research & Development Institute (SARDI)Jul-2017Jun-2018Hugh Wallwork
Improving weed control in new herbicide tolerant lentils (S316)SA Research & Development Institute (SARDI)Jul-2016Jun-2018Dili MaoMore information
Identifying the causes of unreliable nitrogen fixation by medic based pastures (SARDI1515)SA Research & Development Institute (SARDI)Jul-2015Jun-2018Nigel WilhelmMore information
Dual-purpose canola for South Australia’s high rainfall zone (SARDI1315)SA Research & Development Institute (SARDI)Jan-2016Feb-2019Amanda Pearce
Grain research internships (S916)SA Research & Development Institute (SARDI)Jan-2017Dec-2019Kathy Ophel-KellerMore information
Seed priming to improve South Australian crop germinationSANTFAJul-2019Jun-2021Greg Butler
Benchmarking yield potential of barley in higher rainfall zonesSARDIApr-2018Mar-2019Kenton Porker
Improving the early management of dry sown cereal cropsSARDIJul-2019Jun-2022Amanda Cook
Improving productivity of OatsSARDIJul-2019Jun-2022Courtney Peirce
Agronomic and quality analysis of high protein malt barley in SASARDIJul-2019Jun-2021Kenton Porker
Grower crop root health workshopsSARDIJul-2018Jun-2020Katherine Linsell
Improved crop nutrition for disease management and reduced fungicide dependencySARDIJul-2018Jun-2020Blake Gontar
Survey potential emerging pulse root diseasesSARDIJul-2017Jun-2020Tara Garrard
Further development of crown rot resistance in durumsSARDIJul-2018Jun-2019Hugh Wallwork
Making science useful for agricultureSARDIJul-2018Jun-2019Victor SadrasMore information
Establishing current levels of salt tolerance in Australian bread wheatsSARDIJul-2018Jun-2019Yusef Genc
Drivers of flowering time in durumSARDIJul-2017Jun-2019Courtney Peirce
Conversations with farmers Agricultural Practice Change with the PA Early AdoptersSociety of Precision Agriculture AustraliaJul-2018Jun-2020Nicole Dimos
Sharing knowledge of agricultural innovations: Precision Ag expos and symposiums (SPAA116)Society of Precision Agriculture Australia (SPAA)Jul-2016Jun-2019Nicole Dimos
Communicating innovations in Precision Agriculture: Factsheet series (SPAA115)Society of Precision Agriculture Australia (SPAA)Jul-2015Dec-2017Nicole DimosMore information
National Soil Judging CompetitionSoil Science Aust (SA)Jul-2019Jun-2020Edward Scott
Agronomic evaluation of durums for crown rot resistance (DGA116)South Australian Durum Growers AssociationJul-2016Jun-2019John Green
Supporting premier PA events: Precision Ag EXPOS and SymposiumsSPAAJul-2019Jun-2022Nicole Dimos
Improved Phosphorus prescription maps - beyond replacement PTrengove ConsultingJul-2019Jun-2021Sam Trengove
Increasing reliability of lentil production on sandy soilsTrengove ConsultingJul-2019Jun-2021Sam Trengove
Optimisation of Seed Terminator settings in the South Australian context (TC117)Trengove ConsultingMay-2017Jun-2019Sam Trengove
Increasing lentil productivity on dune and swale soils (TC116)Trengove ConsultingApr-2016Jun-2019Sam TrengoveMore information
Novel Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria from Australian Soil Biodiversity: Evaluation, Understanding and ApplicationUniv of AdelaideJul-2019Jun-2022Matthew Denton
Saline field evaluation of a wheat population identifying novel salinity toleranceUniv of AdelaideJul-2019Jun-2021Allison Pearson
Revealing the basis for head-loss in barleyUniv of AdelaideJul-2019Jun-2021Matthew Tucker
Development of a probe for continuous measurement of soil nitrateUniv of AdelaideJul-2019Jun-2020Glenn MacDonald
Strategies to enhance the value of on-farm grain storage in South AustraliaUniv. SAJul-2019Jun-2021Chandra Singh
Strategies to enhance the value of on-farm grain storage in South AustraliaUniv. SAJul-2019Jun-2020Chandra Singh
Novel genes for improved P efficiency and yield in barley (UA116)University of AdelaideJul-2017Jun-2020Glenn McDonald
Enhanced N-use efficiency in durum through improved genetics (UA718)University of AdelaideJul-2017Jun-2020Jason Able
Development of wheat population using speed breeding for salinity toleranceUniversity of AdelaideJul-2017Jun-2020Allison Pearson
Herbicide residue effects on sol microbial communities in akaline soilsUniversity of AdelaideJul-2018Jun-2019Matthew Denton
Investigating the accuracy of plant traits measured using dronesUniversity of AdelaideJul-2018Jun-2019Rhiannon Schilling
Use of drones to non-destructively assess wheat varieties (UA217)University of AdelaideJul-2017Jun-2018Rhiannon Schilling
Development of wheat population using speed breeding for salinity tolerance (UA317)University of AdelaideJul-2017Jun-2018Allison Pearson
New field-based tools to rapidly assess crop nitrogen and stress status (UA316)University of AdelaideJul-2016Jun-2018Michael ZernerMore information
Growing durum demand in SA: gross margin sensitivity analysis trials (UA415)University of AdelaideJul-2015Jun-2018Jason AbleMore information
The Peter Waite Centenary Scholarship funded by SAGIT (UA514)University of AdelaideJul-2015Jul-2018Paul Finn
Field testing of sodicity- and salinity-tolerant oat varieties (UA617)University of AdelaideJul-2017Feb-2020Graham Lyons
Phenotypic evaluation of a wheat RIL population for salinity toleranceUniversity of AdelaideSept-2018Dec-2019Allison Pearson
Comparitive effects of agricultural pesticides on SA soil microbial functionsUniversity of South AustraliaAug-2018Aug-2021Enzo Lombi
Smarter Farmers Smarter farms Upskilling the woman of the UN to be future ready sustainable more productive farmersUpper North Farming SystemsSept-2018Sep-2018Jessica Koch
Upper North time of sowing and yield loss from frost/heat stress (UNF116)Upper North Farming SystemsMar-2016Mar-2019Ruth SommervilleMore information
Upper North Barley Time of Sowing; Frost / Heat Stress EffectsUpper North Farming SystemsJul-2019Jun-2022Ruth Sommerville
Increasing the knowledge and understanding of Micronutrient Deficiency in the UN (UNF117)Upper North Farming SystemsJul-2017Jun-2020Ruth Sommerville