SAGIT announces $2.45m in new funding for grain research

THE South Australian Grain Industry Trust (SAGIT) has announced more than $2.45 million in funding for 25 new grain research projects in 2021.

The decisions represent a commitment to improving the resilience and productivity of South Australia’s grain industry.

Notable programs that will benefit from SAGIT support include a three-year study into variety selection and weed management options for genetically modified canola, which can now be grown in SA, research to improve management of herbicide resistant barley grass, and a look at the implications of green hydrogen technology and production for SA grain growers.

SAGIT chairman Max Young said continued research was essential to the long-term sustainability of the State’s grain industry.

“No other state has an organisation dedicated to supporting state-based grains research that is funded by the growers,” he said.

“Our unique position allows us to focus on the specific issues, problems and solutions that deliver real benefits for South Australian grain production.”

SAGIT is funded by a voluntary grower levy of 30 cents per harvested tonne.

The successful projects are:

AIR EPLower Eyre Peninsula Ag Expo 2021
AIR EPMaximising performance of post-emergent herbicides workshops on upper Eyre Peninsula
Australian Export Grains Innovation CentreBoosting profitability and efficiency of SA’s trade in containerised grain
Elders Rural ServicesAcid soils, ripping and lentil production improvement
Global Grain Genetics Pty LtdLentil varieties for low rainfall and sandy soil environments
Hart Field-Site GroupVariety selection and weed management options for genetically modified canola
Mid North High Rainfall Zone GroupFrost Learning Centre for farmers, advisers and researchers
PIRSADeveloping criteria for soil and plant aluminium and manganese toxicity in SA
Precision AgricultureA practical approach to sub-surface acidity in the Mid North
Rural Solutions SA2022 Farm Gross Margin Guide for SA
SANTFAThe implications of green hydrogen for SA grain growers
SARDIEyre Peninsula Farming Systems Summary 2021-2023
SARDICharacterising the optimal flowering period for the Murray Plains
SARDI / University of AdelaideExtension support for SA Drought Hub internship program
SARDI / University of AdelaideGrower crop root health workshops
SARDI / University of AdelaideImproving management of Group A resistant barley grass in current farming systems
SARDI / University of AdelaideEvaluating super high oleic acid safflower in sodic and saline soils
SARDI / University of AdelaideMeasuring and managing yield loss caused by Phoma root in lentil and faba bean
SARDI / University of AdelaideInvestigating aluminium speciation in wheat roots in alkaline soil
Thomas Elder InstituteFaba bean nutrient omission trial
Trengove Consulting TrustImproving crop safety and broadleaf weed control with herbicides in lentil
Trengove Consulting TrustImproved management of variable phosphorus requirement and strategies for highly responsive soils
University of AdelaideRevealing the basis for head-loss in barley
University of AdelaideUnderstanding and managing fertiliser toxicity in pulses in SA
University of South AustraliaDeveloping a DGT methodology to assess bioavailability of herbicide residues