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Canola profitability as a break crop in the Upper North (UNF2822)

This project aims to explore if new canola technology allows it to be a more reliable and viable break crop option in the Upper North agricultural zone. The project will assess the profitability of different canola agronomy packages in local validation trials (GM vs open pollinated TT) against wheat over a three-year period.

Profitable vetch – agronomy, breeding and market development (SAR2223)

This project will develop a multi-faceted role for a research officer looking into vetch production, agronomy and breeding. The project will: 1) consolidate current and previous agronomic research conducted in vetch; 2) produce updated agronomy recommendations; 3) leverage outcomes from oaten hay research to improve vetch hay production, and 4) integrate new breeding technology into the National Vetch Breeding Program.

SA Crop Variety Sowing Guide publication (SAR1023)

The aim of this project is to continue producing the annual SA Sowing Guide for growers and advisers. The SA Sowing Guide communicates the most up-to-date information on new and current varieties across a range of crop types. It combines the most recent yield results from the National Variety Trials with the most relevant varieties for SA as well as agronomic and pathology information.