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Lentils for sustainable rotations on low-rainfall highly alkaline calcareous soils (GGG6624)

This project will improve the sustainability of SA’s diverse and expansive low rainfall cropping areas by expanding lentil production, as a legume break crop for cereals, on highly alkaline calcareous soils in these regions. It will build on the recent successful research, extension and expansion of lentil through the low rainfall Mallee type areas across South Australia, by targeting constraints to profitable production with a focus on the Upper Eyre Peninsula (UEP).

Canola profitability as a break crop in the Upper North (UNF2822)

This project aims to explore if new canola technology allows it to be a more reliable and viable break crop option in the Upper North agricultural zone. The project will assess the profitability of different canola agronomy packages in local validation trials (GM vs open pollinated TT) against wheat over a three-year period.

Harvest and use of medic pods on-farm (UAD1722)

This project will research novel ways of harvesting and sowing medic pods which have the potential to reduce medic establishment costs by 60 per cent. A cheaper method of harvesting and sowing medic pods is expected to result in increased medic dry matter production and increased benefit to subsequent grain crops.