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Drought preparedness using barley architecture and phenology for biomass production (SAR5124)

The project aims to better understand the plant characteristics, including phenology and architecture, required to maximise biomass production for barley in grazed, grain and opportunistic grain and grazed scenarios across variable rainfall seasons. A diverse set of elite and novel varieties will be tested by different simulated grazing treatments across low, medium and high rainfall zones of South Australia.

Lentils for sustainable rotations on low-rainfall highly alkaline calcareous soils (GGG6624)

This project will improve the sustainability of SA’s diverse and expansive low rainfall cropping areas by expanding lentil production, as a legume break crop for cereals, on highly alkaline calcareous soils in these regions. It will build on the recent successful research, extension and expansion of lentil through the low rainfall Mallee type areas across South Australia, by targeting constraints to profitable production with a focus on the Upper Eyre Peninsula (UEP).

Lentil varieties for low rainfall and sandy soil environments (GGG121)

Lentil germplasm developed in SAGIT project GGG118 is to be evaluated at multiple low rainfall sites and a contrasting higher rainfall site to understand traits that confer adaptation to sandy soils, and to identify lines for variety release. Lentil germplasm is screened to identify lines with specific adaptation to Mallee duplex soils and deep sandy soils. Outcomes will identify traits for lentil adaptation to sandy soils and agronomy required to increase yield and yield stability.