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Canola profitability as a break crop in the Upper North (UNF2822)

This project aims to explore if new canola technology allows it to be a more reliable and viable break crop option in the Upper North agricultural zone. The project will assess the profitability of different canola agronomy packages in local validation trials (GM vs open pollinated TT) against wheat over a three-year period.

Using grain protein maps to optimise nitrogen fertiliser to paddock scale nitrogen variability (TCO2423)

Grain protein map data and other spatial data layers will be investigated for application in targeting nitrogen (N) inputs more precisely to optimise N use, grain yield and protein and profitability. A combination of spatial data and targeted small plot N response trials will improve understanding of how to utilise available spatial data layers for variable rate application of N. 

Publication of the 2024 Farm Gross Margin Guide for SA (AEX4523)

This project aims to produce an updated Farm Gross Margin Guide in both hard copy and electronic form to improve the business acumen of crop and livestock producers in SA. The guide will increase crop and livestock producers’ capacity to assess the relative profitability and risk of enterprises as part of their farm business planning process in 2024.