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Screening for genetic components of head retention in barley (UAD3223)

Barley head loss is an ongoing issue that leads to reduced yield based on environmental factors and cultivar sensitivity. Although management options exist, improved genetic solutions are needed to limit the seasonal and site variability. In this project, researchers will extend current knowledge of head loss management and peduncle structure to consider new cultivars and candidate genes that might influence head retention.

Higher barley yield through improved microbial interactions (UAD1823)

The aims of this project are to determine whether Australian barley varieties differ in their effects on the diversity of potentially beneficial soil microbes in the field, and to investigate the genetic control of any observed differences. This will result in growers being able to choose varieties that will benefit soil biological health and provide new molecular tools for breeders to use in selection to develop new varieties with improved soil biological health.

SA Crop Variety Sowing Guide publication (SAR1023)

The aim of this project is to continue producing the annual SA Sowing Guide for growers and advisers. The SA Sowing Guide communicates the most up-to-date information on new and current varieties across a range of crop types. It combines the most recent yield results from the National Variety Trials with the most relevant varieties for SA as well as agronomic and pathology information.