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Pairing pulses for improved yield, protein, agronomy and profit (UAD1223)

This project will be undertaken by SARDI researchers and will investigate if the pairing of faba bean and semi-leafless field pea will benefit both crops by increased seed and protein yield; reduced lodging, disease and harvestability issues; and improved yield and reduced N fertiliser cost of the following wheat crop. This system could increase faba bean representation in more marginal areas and increase yield in drier seasons as field pea is better adapted to drier conditions.

Lentil varieties for low rainfall and sandy soil environments (GGG121)

Lentil germplasm developed in SAGIT project GGG118 is to be evaluated at multiple low rainfall sites and a contrasting higher rainfall site to understand traits that confer adaptation to sandy soils, and to identify lines for variety release. Lentil germplasm is screened to identify lines with specific adaptation to Mallee duplex soils and deep sandy soils. Outcomes will identify traits for lentil adaptation to sandy soils and agronomy required to increase yield and yield stability.