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Minimising market access risks in herbicide tolerant pulses (UAD1723)

This project will be undertaken by SARDI researchers and aims to exploit natural genetic variation in herbicide metabolism ability to reduce the market access risks associated with chemical residues in herbicide tolerant pulse grain. This project will identify variation in the ability of lentil and faba bean genotypes to metabolise metribuzin and investigate whether herbicide residues are retained or reduced in plant-based protein extraction processes.

Colour preservation in faba beans to enhance quality and value (UAD1423)

Seed colour is an important quality trait required to meet the highest value export markets for faba bean, with consumers demanding a pale tan colour. Faba beans darken on storage, and storage temperature and moisture both affect this process. This project will be undertaken by SARDI researchers and has three aims: to determine what chemical mechanism is behind the darkening process; to find a low-cost post-harvest treatment able to slow down the darkening; and to look for varietal differences in storage darkening.

Pairing pulses for improved yield, protein, agronomy and profit (UAD1223)

This project will be undertaken by SARDI researchers and will investigate if the pairing of faba bean and semi-leafless field pea will benefit both crops by increased seed and protein yield; reduced lodging, disease and harvestability issues; and improved yield and reduced N fertiliser cost of the following wheat crop. This system could increase faba bean representation in more marginal areas and increase yield in drier seasons as field pea is better adapted to drier conditions.