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Appropriate fertiliser strategies for on-row lentil sowing in saline soils (CAS5724)

This project aims to determine the residual benefit of on-row and off-row sowing and appropriate fertiliser strategies for sensitive lentil crops in phosphorus deficient and moderately saline calcareous soil types of Yorke Peninsula. Research will investigate management techniques of utilising residual phosphorous in a cereal phase along with phosphorous placement at seeding to optimise lentil grain yields and economic returns. This project is a co-investment, with GRDC providing 50% of the total funding.

Minimising market access risks in herbicide tolerant pulses (UAD1723)

This project will be undertaken by SARDI researchers and aims to exploit natural genetic variation in herbicide metabolism ability to reduce the market access risks associated with chemical residues in herbicide tolerant pulse grain. This project will identify variation in the ability of lentil and faba bean genotypes to metabolise metribuzin and investigate whether herbicide residues are retained or reduced in plant-based protein extraction processes.