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Strategies for mitigating frost damage in the Upper North region (UNF1724)

Frost events have been a significant concern in the Upper North region, resulting in substantial crop losses and economic impacts in previous years. The Upper North is susceptible to frost damage at various stages in the growing season, leading to decreased yields. Therefore, a holistic approach applying proven research outcomes over numerous years will be trialled in local validation trials and extended through this project. This project is a co-investment, with GRDC providing 50% of the total funding.

An improved and rapid test to inform sodic soil management (UAD4624)

Large areas of South Australia are affected by sodic soils which results in lost agricultural productivity. Determination of gypsum rate requirements using conventional methods is problematic and can lead to increased costs for producers. The aim of this project is to develop an improved and rapid test for assessing gypsum requirements to improve crop production in sodic soils in South Australia.

Increasing pulse yields: focus paddocks to identify and manage soilborne constraints (UAD2624)

This project will assist South Australian growers to increase pulse yields by managing paddock variation associated with soil biotic and abiotic constraints. Data generated will also form the foundation for a decision support model. Focus paddocks will be mapped for pathogen levels and rhizobia as well as physical characteristics including pH, salinity and soil type. These factors will be related to remote sensing imagery and yield maps to determine the drivers of variation.

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