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Processing solutions for a novel high-protein food ingredient from vetch (UAD1123)

Researchers have recently found a way to detoxify vetch via a steeping method. This project will be undertaken by SARDI researchers and aims to develop a low-cost, robust method for physical removal of the β-cyanoalanine toxin from common vetch, and capacity in quantitative analysis of toxin levels, towards including vetch as an alternative feedstock for plant protein production in SA.

Profitable vetch – agronomy, breeding and market development (SAR2223)

This project will develop a multi-faceted role for a research officer looking into vetch production, agronomy and breeding. The project will: 1) consolidate current and previous agronomic research conducted in vetch; 2) produce updated agronomy recommendations; 3) leverage outcomes from oaten hay research to improve vetch hay production, and 4) integrate new breeding technology into the National Vetch Breeding Program.