Deep Soil Amelioration speaker at field day event (NSS217G)


April 5, 2017


April 5, 2017


DAFWA research officer Wayne Parker spoke at a Northern Sustainable Soils (NSS) field day in April 2017. Mr Parker presented on the Western Australian experience with deep soil amelioration.


Deep soil amelioration is currently used by about 20 per cent of NSS members.

Compaction in sands is the primary problem with non-wetting soils and sodicity is also causing poor plant growth in some seasons.

Improving structure and nutrient content through the application of gypsum, lime and chicken litter are topics of interest for many NSS members.

Research Aims

The objective of the project was for DAFWA research officer Wayne Parker to speak at the NSS deep soil amelioration field day and AGM at Mundoora.

In The Field

Mr Parker spoke in the field alongside demonstrations from a large chicken manure spreader, spader and Agro Plow deep ripping machine.

Attendees could see the machinery in action in the field and a replicated trial was conducted that will be assessed throughout the season and yield mapped at harvest.

This was followed by another presentation from Mr Parker at the NSS AGM at the Mundoora Football Club.


With 55 growers present, the number of attendees was in line with expectations, and participants gave positive feedback and asked a high number of questions.

There was particular interest in slot openers to allow top soil or other ameliorants to fall down the deep rip tine. All attendees reported that they intend to do some form of soil amelioration in the near future to improve productivity.

The local YP Country Times reported on the event, and it was also broadly promoted and reported on Twitter.

Project Participants

Northern Sustainable Soils: Leighton Wilksch

The Problem

Deep soil amelioration is a topic of interest to many Northern Sustainable Soils (NSS) members.

The research

DAFWA research officer Wayne Parker presented at the NSS deep soil amelioration field day.

More information

Leighton Wilksch, NSS,
T: 0408 428 714
E: [email protected]

Value for Growers

The success of the event highlighted the benefits of getting a speaker from outside of the local area to share relevant learnings from their region.