SANTFA Conference 2019 (SAN317)


April 4, 2017


June 30, 2020


The 21st Annual SANTFA Conference was held at the Barossa Arts and Convention Centre in Tanunda on Friday, 1 March, 2019.

The lineup of speakers comprised farmers, scientists, agronomists and researchers, including United States soil scientist Dwayne Beck, Thomas foods International chief executive officer Darren Thomas, NSW continuous cropper David Ricardo, Rural Directions agribusiness consultant Simon Vogt, Mid North farmer Jarred Tilley, SANTFA research and development director Greg Butler and West Coast farmer Michael Hancock.


The South Australian No-Till Farmers Association (SANTFA) is a non-profit farmer driven organisation working to increase the area of no-till farming and to attract new supporters to conservation farming. The association holds an annual conference to provide growers with information and tools to improve their farming operations.

Research Aims

The core objectives of the project were to:
• Successfully hold the SANTFA annual conference
• Have a minimum of 150 delegates attend the conference
• Provide conference audio throughout the rest of the season

In The Field

The 2019 conference had a range of different subject matters including:
• understanding the natural ecosystems which exist on farm
• the profitable integration of cropping and livestock
• using benchmarking as a basis for decision making
• drawing parallels between global businesses and farming enterprises
• the use of digital technologies on-farm
• succession in farming businesses
• mental health issues for farmers
• research and development updates within SANTFA

Despite the number of conference attendees declining from 138 to 114, the SANTFA board sees this as a reflection of the times with farmers being busier and more groups vying for their attention and attendance at events.


Very positive feedback was received by the SANTFA board from those who attended the event, with it concluded that the information presented was valued.

Audio from the conference is being released on the SANTFA podcasting channel Radio SANTFA throughout the season and will be available to growers.

Project Participants

SANTFA: Leighton Pearce

The Problem

The annual SANTFA conference provides extension on conservation farming topics to South Australian growers.

The research

SANTFA has held their annual conference each year from 2015 to 2019.

More information

Leighton Pearce, SANTFA
M: 0427 688 028
E: [email protected]

Value for Growers

The conference provided attendees with a vast array of information on topics including use of digital technology on-farm, succession planning, benchmarking, natural on-farm ecosystems, getting the enterprise mix right, SANTFA research and development and mental health.

The conference also provided participants with great networking opportunities on the day itself, at the pre-conference dinner and on the post-conference farm tour.