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Making the most of phosphorus(P) fertiliser inputs: Managing spatial variability and long-term strategies (TCO6024)

The overall aim of this project is to increase the profitability from phosphorus (P) fertiliser applications and determine sustainable P fertiliser strategies. This project focuses on two key P management areas: improving applications in variable paddocks/landscapes and refining long-term P management strategies on highly P responsive soils. This project will build on the results from SAGIT projects TC219 and TC221. This project is a co-investment, with GRDC providing 50% of the total funding.

Appropriate fertiliser strategies for on-row lentil sowing in saline soils (CAS5724)

This project aims to determine the residual benefit of on-row and off-row sowing and appropriate fertiliser strategies for sensitive lentil crops in phosphorus deficient and moderately saline calcareous soil types of Yorke Peninsula. Research will investigate management techniques of utilising residual phosphorous in a cereal phase along with phosphorous placement at seeding to optimise lentil grain yields and economic returns. This project is a co-investment, with GRDC providing 50% of the total funding.

Unravelling crop yield response to application of organic amendments on different soil types (ASO5624)

This project aims to assess the impact of organic amendments on soil condition and crop response on three contrasting soil types. Through this process, the aim is to provide growers with recommendations on ‘target soils’ where organic amendment applications can provide maximum benefit. Researchers will endeavour to define suitable frequency and application rates of organic amendments in combination with inorganic fertiliser.

Developing new breeding material to stabilise barley yields (UAD2023)

South Australian crops can be severely impacted by poor and variable growing conditions, which includes low-fertility soils. Crop plants possess strong instincts to reduce grain number due to variable growing conditions or reduced fertiliser. This is a major contributor to the yield gap in SA. This project seeks to help close this yield gap through the import and testing of new genetic material that makes barley less responsive to environmental conditions.

Sulphur dynamics and budgets in two contrasting soil profiles (ASO4922)

This demonstration project aims to provide valuable information on immediate and longer-term sulphur management options applicable to a wide range of growing regions. The project aims are to be achieved by comparing different forms of sulphur fertilisers for mobility and availability within soil profiles with detailed profile sampling; and assessing the impact of two different crop types in sulphur accessibility due to varying rooting depths.

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