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Pesticide effects on soil microbial functions in contrasting SA soils (USA3323)

The aim of this project is to understand how soil properties influence the effects of pesticides on soil health. The project team will assess six targeted pesticides in 10 contrasting South Australian broadacre cropping soils. This knowledge will deliver farmers essential information for identifying the best pesticide-soil combinations to maintain healthy soil microbial communities.

Revegetation for enhanced biocontrol of pest conical snails (UAD2522)

This study investigates the impact of native revegetation on suppressing conical snail populations on the Yorke Peninsula. The establishment of revegetation strips adjacent to grain cropping paddocks and near silos can enhance the survival of a beneficial parasitoid fly by providing essential floral food resources and refugia, boosting parasitism rates and suppression of pest conical snails.

Profitable vetch – agronomy, breeding and market development (SAR2223)

This project will develop a multi-faceted role for a research officer looking into vetch production, agronomy and breeding. The project will: 1) consolidate current and previous agronomic research conducted in vetch; 2) produce updated agronomy recommendations; 3) leverage outcomes from oaten hay research to improve vetch hay production, and 4) integrate new breeding technology into the National Vetch Breeding Program.

Frost Research and Learning Centre (MHR1523)

The project objective is to extend the research and extension conducted in the SAGIT/GRDC co-funded Frost Learning project (MHR121) for another year. This will help validate results, particularly from 2021, and give opportunities to reinforce the significance of frost management and introduce new concepts.

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