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Novel health food products from oats – fermented, spoonable snacks (SAR1224)

The aim of this project is to use Australian grown oats in a new product format, that is not a breakfast cereal or bakery ingredient, that capitalises on the current market trends in ‘freefrom’ foods (in this case, free-from lactose or dairy) and fermented foods for improved gut health. The overall objective of the study is to develop healthy fibre enriched fermented spoonable snacks from oat flour/bran with a clean label (minimum number of food additives).

Convenient, delicious and nutritious value-added foods from Australian pulses (SAR0624)

This project aims to use a range of local pulses to make a range of attractive, delicious, nutritious and convenient pre-cooked food products that have wide appeal. This will include determining the appropriate processing steps for each grain type that would work in a commercial food manufacturing set-up to achieve acceptable grain texture and provide long shelf-life in can and/or pouch formats. The proof-of-concept products will be packaged in a variety of formats and tested with consumers, food manufacturers and food retailers.