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Developing a DGT methodology to assess bioavailability of herbicide residues (USA121)

A robust testing system for imidazolinone residues is to be developed using Diffusive Gradient in Thin-Films (DGT) technology. This tool will provide information on bioavailability of herbicide residues independent of soil type characteristics. The DGT tool will be validated in spiked soils, in a range of soil types and two water regimes. The DGT tool for glyphosate residue is also to be assessed.

Pesticide effects on soil microbial functions in contrasting SA soils (USA3323)

The aim of this project is to understand how soil properties influence the effects of pesticides on soil health. The project team will assess six targeted pesticides in 10 contrasting South Australian broadacre cropping soils. This knowledge will deliver farmers essential information for identifying the best pesticide-soil combinations to maintain healthy soil microbial communities.

Optimising crop establishment under dry and marginal soil moisture (UAD1323)

The aim of this project is to improve the effectiveness of dry sowing focusing on wheat and canola. It will conduct experiments at three sites with different rainfalls and soils to examine the effect of sowing practices on establishment at a range of sowing times. The project will explore the ability of remote sensing to measure seedbed moisture content to aid decision making. Controlled environment studies on emergence in different soils and moisture contents will support the field studies.