Support for workshop on data presentation and interpretation (AIA116)


March 16, 2016


March 16, 2016


Participants from Adelaide and regional SA participated in a workshop covering an introduction to aspects of data interpretation and analysis. The aim was to assist consultants, advisors and others in the grains industry to better understand data to help interpret and present results.


A poorly-framed research question, poor trial or experiment design and inadequate data collection can reduce the quality of data produced by an experiment and there may be little that subsequent analyses can do to improve the data. The result is that the time, effort and expense of running the experiment is wasted.

Similarly, no matter how well an experimental program is conducted or the quality of the results and analysis, if the information is not communicated properly to those who will benefit most, usually growers, the work has not achieved all its objectives. A critical aspect of communicating the results is the presentation of the analyses.

Research Aims

The purpose of the workshop was to improve the ability of attendees to assess data quality, interpret experimental data, present the results for a range of audiences and improve the presentation of information in reports.

In The Field

The workshop addressed the following topics:
1. Assessing data quality
2. Identifying potential problems
3. Analysis of variance
4. Structure of the ANOVA table
5. Correlation and regression
6. Data presentation


The workshop attracted 29 participants from Adelaide and regional SA, representing both government and private organisations.

Project Participants

Ag Institute of Australia: Glenn McDonald.

The Problem

Trial data can be corrupted by poor data collection, interpretation or presentation, which can hinder growers and researchers in understanding project findings.

The research

A workshop was held in Adelaide to improve participants’ skills in data assessment, interpretation and presentation.

More information

Glenn McDonald, Ag Institute of Australia
T: 08 8313 7358
E: [email protected]

Value for Growers

Following the workshop, 29 members of the SA grains industry have improved their skills in data analysis and presentation, which will lead to improved project outcomes and application of findings on-farm.

A one-page handout was prepared by Glenn McDonald for the 2016 SAGIT update, based on the concepts covered in the workshop, which can be downloaded