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Pairing pulses for improved yield, protein, agronomy and profit (UAD1223)

This project will be undertaken by SARDI researchers and will investigate if the pairing of faba bean and semi-leafless field pea will benefit both crops by increased seed and protein yield; reduced lodging, disease and harvestability issues; and improved yield and reduced N fertiliser cost of the following wheat crop. This system could increase faba bean representation in more marginal areas and increase yield in drier seasons as field pea is better adapted to drier conditions.

Processing solutions for a novel high-protein food ingredient from vetch (UAD1123)

Researchers have recently found a way to detoxify vetch via a steeping method. This project will be undertaken by SARDI researchers and aims to develop a low-cost, robust method for physical removal of the β-cyanoalanine toxin from common vetch, and capacity in quantitative analysis of toxin levels, towards including vetch as an alternative feedstock for plant protein production in SA.

Using grain protein maps to optimise nitrogen fertiliser to paddock scale nitrogen variability (TCO2423)

Grain protein map data and other spatial data layers will be investigated for application in targeting nitrogen (N) inputs more precisely to optimise N use, grain yield and protein and profitability. A combination of spatial data and targeted small plot N response trials will improve understanding of how to utilise available spatial data layers for variable rate application of N. 

Developing a new high value noodle market for South Australian growers (AEG4022)

This project aims to establish a new high-value noodle wheat market for South Australia, increasing demand in Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong, estimated at $95 million annually for SA wheat. It will position a segment of the Australian Hard (AH) class as a premium noodle grade in Asia, creating additional value for selected hard wheat varieties grown in SA at AH protein levels.